Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Atypically for modern pneumatic air pistols (which are mostly charged with a single action of a lever-action pump), the 1377 can be pumped to various levels; Crosman recommends at least three pumps to ensure that the pellet clears the barrel, but as many as ten pumps are advised by the manual. The price with 500 rounds was $10.50 in .177 or .22.Times have changed.Keep up the good work, everything I know about airguns I learned from this blog.Greg. I have had my Crosman 1377 for about a year and a half. 10 pumps is the maximum and will achieve a respectable 460 fps with a .22 caliber pellet. And what is the condition of the valve return spring? I have a 1982 -#1377, had a steel breech cover/ converted to 2289, used the newer 1322 plastic-breech/brass-bolt, added a 24″ barrel – works fine at 6 to 8 pumps and stock pump. BB: I notice you advocate extra oil on the 1377’s “pump head.” As a newbie I haven’t heard that term before. Added a 4×15 scope on the barrel. Trade Seller. INTRODUCING Solid Brass Piston with Crosman CUP for Crosman 1322 1377 … Very nice upgrades, but for targets I would say save your upgrade money and get a try a Daisy Avanti 747 or IZH-46. Trees are not good targets. Updated for 2015 with all new grip stylings, the American Classic is an all-time favorite among airgun enthusiasts.The .177 caliber pneumatic air pistol features a single-action bolt design for easier cocking and loading, a rifled steel barrel for accuracy and an easy-pump forearm for variable pump power. Strathclyde. OH yes the Crosman Silver Eagle 510 fps @ 5 and 600 fps @ 10 pumps. From 3 pumps to 4, the additional stroke raises the velocity 48 f.p.s. 1377 Diagram & Spare Parts 1998-Present . The 1377 model indicates the barrel and bolt are for .177 caliber pellets while the 1322 is fitted for .22 caliber. This is a DIY project that I’ve been assured is not beyond most of you. I think raptors are made out of zinc and sometimes plated. And yes I did notice the compression tube warming up as I was testing. Remember we deliver air rifles & pistols straight to your door! Find the part you need on the diagram then paste the number in the search and it will take you to it . The stock is by RB Grips; I asked for unfinished walnut and put around seven coats of tung oil on it. The 1322 was introduced in 1977 by Crosman as a general-purpose air pistol for target practice and small game hunting. Auction £ 31. eBay. So I see that as a problem for the steel breech kits working on Phase 1 and 2 1377’s. The one from the U.S. chronies at around 530fps or so and when I pump mine 13 times it registers 498.For a few extra fps it hardly seems worth the trouble or expense to mod it.Plus, you stay legal.Just my 2 cents. Should one only use Pellgunoil, or will 3 in 1 oil or some other oil work just as well? The 1377 features fully adjustable rear peep or open sights and a fixed blade front. The manual gives the max velocity of 520 fps. With three pumps of air power, the Crosman 1377 delivered a reproducible velocity of 371 FPS, and with ten pumps the gun topped out at 545 FPS. Two more questions. Crosman American Classic Multi Pump Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol, Black. I have used this since it was new and always enjoy shooting it. 10 pumps is the maximum and will achieve a respectable 460 fps with a .22 caliber pellet. JSB Exact 407 FPS @ 5 and 485 FPS at 10 pumps. Velocity with other pelletsThe surprise was that Hobbys weren’t much faster than Crosman Premiers were on the second test. Crosman 1377 Power Source: pump Caliber: .177 (4.5 mm) Max Velocity: up to 600 fps (182.9 m/s) Capacity: Single shot Length: 13.63" (34.62 cm) Weight: 2 lbs. I use a shim cut from the sidewall of a large backyard swimming pool This needs to fit snugly under the barrel [use a standard screwdriver to lift the barrel a bit to install] and a few drops of the GO2 glue under the shim and between the top of the shim and the two feet on the intermount help secure this. The 1377 is a completely different gun than the Benjamin HB 22. Second, based on your posts about oiling, I oiled it before I tried a shot (I’ve only tried it twice, both times with 5 pumps). 250-500 per tin are often the same pellet. From United States +C $18.30 shipping. (256 mm) steel barrel and checkered plastic grips. The Green Crosman Forum > TheGreenCrosmanForum > Crosman Airgun Forum > 1377 Losing power . $19.00. M443 - Pump rod assembly for Crosman 1377, 1322, 760. The more I read about the 1377, the more I regret not buying one. I also put some on the plunger – nearest the back of the gun when the pump handle is fully open whe looking at the gun upside down, as best I can describe it. It’s a multi-pump pistol that’s been a welcome companion to so many young airgunners. I had to shim my loose plastic grip. Power Source: pump Caliber: .177 (4.5 mm) Max Velocity: up to 495 fps (150.88 m/s) Capacity: Single shot Length: 13.63 P1377 Diagram & Spare Parts . The optimum barrel length for me has always been ~14″. Post Jan 04, 2015 #4 2015-01-04T04:57. Good Shooting. The Crosman 1322 pistol features a synthetic/polymer forearm and pistol grip. Notify me before the end of the auction . 8.4 gr. Pumps/Velocity3…3454…3935…4246…4517…4698…4849…49910…515 (No air remaining after shot)11…520 (No air remaining after shot)12…515 (No air remaining after shot). Test 1. • Bolt action with easy-pump pneumatic forearm • Adjustable rear peep and fixed front sights • Accurate rifled-steel barrel A classic redesigned, but still the same great air pistol America has revered since it was introduced in 1998. The 1377 pump up air pistol from Crosman is the American Classic pistol that has inspired shooters for years thanks to its solid and reliable mechanism that makes it one of the best pneumatic air pistols … Perfectly happy now. The ''American Classic'' pistol is a reliable and very uprgradeable pistol with a traditionional following. Raptor's are a lightweight overhyped, overpriced, hard pellet. Well, the 1377 is certainly not 600 f.p.s. Did the over-pumped shots have anything to do with it? The gun is noted for being highly modifiable: a cottage industry has formed to provide its enthusiasts with parts and accessories. It has the plastic breech, but it still has a separate pull to cock bolt, and a magnetic tip breech bolt to hold BB's. The .22-caliber version of the popular 1377 pistol, this gun delivers more than what you paid for. Air rifles will most likely deliver more performance for the money. Models include: Learn how and when to remove this template message,, Articles lacking in-text citations from September 2009, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, First variant with steel breech and sliding breech cover, Phase I, 1977-1981, Second variant with plastic breech Pellet/BB, 1981-1999, Third variant with plastic breech for pellet only, 1999–present, This page was last edited on 20 June 2020, at 03:42. So far I’ve put about 1200 shots through it and it feels like it will last a lifetime. Most airgunners just buy a supply of Pellgunoil and use it for the rest of their lives. Newer 1377 models are known as the 1377c. In any case try sealing these areas with Loctite GO2 glue – it’s removable and easy to work with. It’s getting 530 fps with Premiers, but he hopes to increase this with a flat top piston. Get variable pump power with the easy-pump forearm and control the velocity up to 600 fps for your style of target shooting. The pump up action makes it perfect … Crosman 1377, 1322 and Custom Shop 1300KT barrel band sight. With easy-pump forearm for variable pump power, you control velocity. Actually, I was just getting to it (Part 3). I thought it was just my hands causing that but know I’m not sure. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . After reading your first blog on the 1377 I bought one as my first airgun. Today, I’ll do the velocity testing. They have lots of “how-to” articles. The separate cocking is no problem, but you can´t use it the other way. This leads to potential legal problems if you want to customize it as I do. I also use Polymag predators for gophers and rats they are deadly on small animals and birds and ground squrrels I use H&N finale match for target shooting they shoot better than I can hold them also Misterkugeins are very good too! Crosman 1322 Premier Shooters Kit Always store a pneumatic with a pump of air, if possible. Shoots up to 600 FPS Easy-pump forearm for variable power Ideal for pest control and target shooting Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Haverhill. It was in production, in three se Fairly easy to customize, the Crosman multi-pump air pistol is a popular single shot air gun, 10 pumps will get a light weight pellet traveling at close to 600fps (or 500 fps for the Canadian version). 6 posts 1377 Losing power 1377 Losing power. Crosman 1377 -.177 Pellet Remember we deliver air rifles & pistols straight to your door! Oil your 397. I have an older model 1377 with a smooth breech cover (no handle)and a cocking knob at the rear. The powerplants are different. H&N Barracuda Match 374 fps @ 5 and 448 fps @ 10 pumps. Many 1377 owners report success with only a few pumps, and the lower velocity is accompanied by lower noise, often an advantage for those shooting indoors. For oiling the pump head, look at the photo on the bottom of this report: /blog/2008/4/gamo-compact-vs-izh-46-part-4/. I thought this was due to the gun being warm, but later testing revealed that wasn’t the case. Also, which pellet is best for accuracy? Anyone looking for a pistol plinker that doesn’t take Co2 should really check the 1377 out. First, they sent me the wron (maybe) ammo. A heavier striker might increase thr valve dwell time — especially with that long barrel. 1,424. Would the pellets make a mark or embed themselves in a tree, or is it possible that I completely missed both times due to poor marksmanship, which is highly likely since I’ve never owned a gun and/or the gun is way off? 3-in-1 oil should NOT be used. Buy It Now. It also goes through the gun and gets on every seal along the way. Thanks for the recommendation and I always enjoy your blog even though this is the only airgun I own. A second test revealed some interesting numbers. I just ordered the1377c from pyramydair, I guess I’llcall them in the morning and change. Joe G from Jersey, from a fellow ex-New Yorker living in NC! Crosman 1377 Stock. However, in the interest of fairness, I did try the gun on 10 pumps with Crosman Silver Eagle hollowpoints. Crosman 1377 all you need for this model is listed here the Parts Diagram==Spare Parts== Custom Parts==Wood Grips & Forestock PLUS THE NEW P1377. 329 sold. Pricey, possibly pointless, but harmless. What other options are out there? (0.91 kg.) er kan met verschillende kogelsnelheden worden geschoten, dit … Buy It Now. Also, your statement on the sights leads me to believe that you ended up putting them back where they were in the first place. 67. bryanzim. But it may not be a stronger striker spring that you need. with any pellets I would use. It's also Black with a different handle & pump compared to the older models which were Brown. Just stay away from Raptors. I remember reading about an issue with your older barrel being slightly different than the later #1377’s at the back of the barrel where the bolt [either the Crosman bolt and /or the steel breech bolt?] I'm assuming the greater resistance of the heavy pellet was causing just a bit more air to escape from the seal. I was thinking my velocity was a bit low, so I tried a few different seals, only to go back to the original. Any thoughts to what may be causing this? If the gun has been over-pumped a lot, that is enough to create this problem. 46 product ratings - Scope Mount Picatinny Weaver Rail Crosman 1377 1322 American Classic Pellet Guns. Shop with confidence. See details. Tried one of these Crosman’s. RWS Diabolo Basic 439FPS @ 5 and 520 FPS @ 10 pumps. After that, I’m going to try and get good at target shooting. Love this blog. I’m going to rid myself of a particulary pesky squirrel who has been causing quite a bit of damage to the patio furniture. This is a variable pump air rifle, but it features valve technology that combines lower force pumping with higher velocity. Some velocity was lost between this test and the first. The alloy pellets raised the average to 501 fps. Several said that grips are easy to make, and I agree. Velocity as it relates to the number of pump strokes, Test 5. OH yes the Crosman Silver Eagle 510 fps @ 5 and 600 fps @ 10 pumps. But you will want to stock it with a barrel that long. The variable power pump system gives great control over velocity, and shoots either BBs or pellets with power and accuracy. This Crosman "feels" cheap and the pump mechanism is not nearly as smooth as my 2289 model. RWS SuperdomePumps/Velocity3…3286…42010…481, JSB Exact 8.4-grain domedPumps/Velocity3…3466…42110…443. ( average of six to ten pumps ) I have tried a heavier hammer spring and a lighter valve spring. Use some rubber from an innertube on the barrel mount to keep the barrel from rocking a lot. Folding Stock For Crosman 1377. various used items as per photo,used and in good condition. And it will do it with a degree of accuracy normally equated with gun above it’s $60.00 price point.Combine that with light weight (2 Lbs), portability and durable construction, and you have a gun with great utility… Met het pompsysteem kan zelf de snelheid van het wapen bepaald worden, hoe meer pompslagen des te hoger de snelheid van het projectiel. Get the best deals for crosman 1377 parts at Has your accuracy changed with your other pellets? Or if the valve stem is bent it may do the same thing. I must have $300usd in my 1377.Now you can order the pump version from them as well. Just did a steel breech conversion tO my 1377. I too would like to see the steel breech for comparison. M446 - Barrel band grub screw for 2240, 2250 £2.00. This was my best improvement because I was able to get a tighter fit from breech to air tube. The Crosman model 1322 Medalist .22 Caliber Pellet Air Pistol was a single-shot, bolt-action loading, pneumatic pump-action .22-caliber air pistol, featuring a button-rifled 10.1-in.