It is the second largest city in Bulgaria with a population of 368,469 people, accounting for 4.6% of the total of the country. Prior to the population exchange, as of 1 January 1885, the city of Plovdiv had a population of 33,442, of which 16,752 were Bulgarians (50%), 7,144 Turks (21%), 5,497 Greeks (16%), 2,168 Jews (6%), 1,061 Armenians (3%), 151 Italians, 112 Germans, 112 Romani people, 80 French people, 61 Russians and 304 people of other nationalities.[95]. 160–161, 186: John V. A. Many of its citizens, 100,000 according to Ammianus Marcellinus, died or were taken captive. [61][62] From Philippopolis, the influence of dualistic doctrines spread to Bulgaria forming the basis of the Bogomil heresy. [6] According to the Latin historian of the Fourth Crusade, Geoffrey of Villehardouin, Philippopolis was the third largest city in the Byzantine Empire, after Constantinople (Istanbul) and Thessalonica (Thessaloniki). Its location makes the fishing industry an important part of the economy. With more than one million inhabitants, Sofia has three times as many people as the next largest cities, Plovdiv and Varna. Europe Destinations. [72] After the Liberation, the Bulgarian painter of Czech origin Ivan Mrkvička came to work in the city. Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe. Today, Plovdiv is an important economic, educational, and cultural center. [99] For further information see the article Roma people in Plovdiv. It revealed that the site was constructed at the 90s of the 1st century CE. [163] In 2007, 96 boxers from 20 countries participated in the tournament. [7][6] During the Byzantine–Bulgarian wars, the emperor Basil the Bulgar-Slayer (r. 960–1025) used Philippopolis as a major strategic fortification, governed by the protospatharios Nikephoros Xiphias. It is an important economic, transport, cultural, and educational center. The port city Varna is the third-largest city in Bulgaria with 334,870 citizens located along the coast of the Black Sea. The population by permanent address for the municipality of Plovdiv for 2007 is 380,682,[81] which makes it the second in population in the nation. Plovdiv is the economic capital of Bulgaria as it has the country's largest economy and contributes 7.5% of Bulgaria's GDP as of 2014[update]. Feb 7, 2013 - Plovdiv, the second biggest city in Bulgaria. In 1927 the electrification of Plovdiv has started. [42] In 516 BCE during the rule of Darius the Great, Thrace was included in the Persian empire. In the spring of 1885, Zahari Stoyanov formed the Secret Bulgarian Central Revolutionary Committee in the city which actively conducted propaganda for the unification of Bulgaria and Eastern Rumelia. [101] The executive government of the Municipality of Plovdiv consists of a mayor who is elected by majority representation, five deputy mayors, and one administrative secretary. [68] Afterwards, Philippopolis was conquered by Byzantium. The northern Bulgaria city of Vidin was the worst in exceeding fine particular matter standards, surpassing them for 91 days or 42 per cent of the heating season, independent group said in its annual report. From there, the peaks of the Sredna Gora mountain range rise to the northwest, the Chirpan Heights to the east, and the Rhodope mountains to the south. In 1344 the city and eight other cities were surrendered to Bulgaria by the regency for John V Palaiologos as the price for Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria's support in the Byzantine civil war of 1341–47. The second largest town in Bulgaria, it is considered the cultural capital. [6] The city was destroyed by Kaloyan of Bulgaria (r. 1196–1207) in 1206 and rebuilt thereafter. Things to Do in Plovdiv, the second largest city in Bulgaria Things to Do in Plovdiv ? Kendrisia (Greek: ΚΕΝΔΡΕΙϹΕΙΑ) was an old name of the city. Photo about PLOVDIV, BULGARIA - JULY 02, 2019: Panoramic view of the second largest city in Bulgaria. PLOVDIV . Not only is the city an important economic and industrial center, but also a tourist and cultural center. [24] It is also possible that it was named after the Vestal Virgins in the temples – evmolpeya. Originally a Thracian settlement, it later became a major Roman city before falling to the Byzantines and Ottomans. They are based in three bus stations: South, Rodopi, and North. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria and is an important tourist site as well. It was initially built as a bulevterion, an edifice of the city council, and was later reconstructed as a theatre. Search clues. The frost season ends in March. Massive walls surrounding a temple and a palace have been excavated. [140][141] A major tourist centre, Plovdiv lies at the foot of the Rhodope Mountains, and most people wishing to explore the mountains choose it as their trip's starting point. The second lockdown, imposed in the country just a month ago resulted in a … It has an area of 11 hectares and was surrounded by shops and public buildings. They are the Saint Constantine and Saint Helena, the Saint Marina, the Saint Nedelya, the Saint Petka, and the Holy Mother of God Churches. Photo about Famous city in Bulgaria Plovdiv - with the acient greek and Roman architecture. Ruse is Bulgaria’s fifth largest city. [66] In 1208, Kaloyan's successor Boril was defeated by the Latins in the Battle of Philippopolis. Some of the biggest companies in the region include the Austrian utility company EVN, PIMK (transport), Insa Oil (fuels), Liebherr (refrigerator plant), Magna International (automotive industry), Bella Bulgaria (food manufacturing), Socotab (tobacco processing), ABB Group, Schneider Electric, Osram, Sensata Technologies, etc. Bucharest is the capital and the largest city in the country. The theatre was studied, conserved, and restored between 1968 and 1984. Plovdiv is the second largest city in Bulgaria, and its urban area has a population of 544,628 people. It was modelled after the stadium in Delphi. [5], In Late Antiquity, Philippopolis was an important stronghold, but was sacked in 250, after the Siege of Philippopolis, by the Goths led by Cniva, during the Crisis of the Third Century. The Plovdiv International Fair, held annually since 1892, is the largest and oldest fair in the country and all of southeastern Europe, gathering companies from all over the world in an exhibition area of 138,000 m2 (1,485,419.64 sq ft) located on a territory of 352,000 m2 (3,788,896.47 sq ft) on the northern banks of the Maristsa river. What Is The Ethnic Composition Of Bulgaria? [citation needed] Philippopolis was captured by the Byzantines in 969, shortly before it was sacked by the ruler of Rus' Sviatoslav I of Kiev who impaled 20,000 citizens. Dating to the 19th century, it is one of the best-preserved examples of the so-called "Ottoman-style" synagogues in the Balkans. [125] The city's traditions as a literary centre are preserved by the first public library in Bulgaria, the Ivan Vazov National Library, the 19 chitalishta (cultural centres), and by numerous booksellers and publishers. The town was conquered by Philip II of Macedon,[45] and the Odrysian king was deposed in 342 BCE. [27] As a result, the name has lost any meaning. Bulgaria is located in southeast Europe and borders Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, and Turkey. Train Hit the Rocks Near Plovdiv - the Second-Largest city in Bulgaria. Last week, two men died after being left to wait at the steps of a hospital in Plovdiv, Bulgaria’s second largest city. [124] The Trakiya Traditional Choir was nominated for a Grammy Award. Image of town, second, summer - 137425943 The city is a major road and railway hub in southern Bulgaria with[142] the Trakia motorway (A1) only 5 km (3 mi) to the north. [72] It was the capital of the Provisional Russian Administration in Bulgaria between May and October. The earliest signs of habitation in the territory of Plovdiv date as far back as the 6th millennium BCE. "Philip's city") after Philip II of Macedon. Three of the city's seven hills are protected natural territories since 1995. Meanwhile, mass testing in the second-largest city in Bulgaria, initiated in May, reveals that less than 2% of around 1,200 randomly selected people have antibodies to SARS-CoV-2. [76] According to the statistics by the Bulgarian and Greek authors, there were no Turks in the city; according to an alternative estimate the city was of Turkish majority. It has been given several names in the course of history and the remnants of the old cities can still be seen today. It includes remains of a public building from the 3rd–4th centuries which belonged to a noble citizen. Population of Plovdiv: At the first census after the Liberation of Bulgaria in 1880 with 24,053 citizens,[89] Plovdiv is the second largest city behind Ruse, which had 26,163 citizens then,[90] and ahead of the capital Sofia, which had 20,501 citizens then. The city is surrounded by forests and grasslands with rare species such Venus slipper. According to these terms Bulgaria was divided in three parts - Principality of Bulgaria with Sofia as a capital; vassal to the sultan Eastern Rumelia Province with Plovdiv as a capital; and Macedonia, which was returned outright to Turkey. There are also 10 private schools and a seminary. [132] In 2014, more than 35 thousand companies operate in the region which create jobs for 285,000 people. [4][16] Another assumed name is the 1st century CE Tiberias in honor of the Roman emperor Tiberius, under whom the Odrysian Kingdom was a client of Rome. It separated the autonomous region of Eastern Rumelia from Bulgaria, and Plovdiv became its capital. 80 – Космополитен град. The city was part of the, Basil II based his army in Philippopolis during the war with, The city was conquered by the crusader army of, Philippopolis was conquered and raided by the, Phillipopolis was conquered by the Ottomans. Retrieved on 17 September 2010", "Население към 01.02.2011 година в област Пловдив", Bulgarian National Statistical Institute – Bulgarian towns in 2009, Demographic Features of Ottoman Upper Thrace: A Case Study On Filibe, Tatar Pazarcik and Stanımaka (1472–1614). Plovdiv is, first of all, the second oldest continually inhabited city in the world, tracing its history to 6000-8000BC, and was the birthplace of Philip of Macedonia (Rome and Constantinople are much younger cities). Local enterprises manufacture electric motors, electronic equipment, hydraulic machinery, and woodworking machines. The mayor of the Municipality of Plovdiv, Ivan Totev,[100] with the six district mayors represent the local executive authorities. The re-establishment of the Bulgarian Church in 1870 was a sign of ethnic and national consciousness. There are also some Muslims and Jews. The city has PFC Botev Plovdiv, founded in 1912 and PFC Lokomotiv, founded in 1926. [citation needed] The Crusaders mentioned the city as Prineople, Sinople and Phinepople. [11] After the Romans had taken control of the area, the city was named in Latin: TRIMONTIUM, meaning "The Three Hills", and mentioned in the 1st century by Pliny. The city has been continuously inhabited since 4000 BC. Explore. It remained within the borders of Bulgaria until July of the same year, when it became the capital of the autonomous Ottoman region of Eastern Rumelia. Because opposite ends of the immense national park are only a 90-minute drive from either Sofia or Bulgaria's second largest city, Plovdiv, a visit to Rila should also include at least one of the two. Mosques and one of the fortress was constructed the majority of Bulgaria ’ s elegant! Still be seen today River, making Ruse the most important centre in the of. Dualistic doctrines spread to Bulgaria forming the basis of the Maritsa River in is. Water park, was renovated Emperors Valerian and Gallienus [ 159 ] remains of a population 346,893... Died or were taken captive 300km north-east of Sofia on the two banks of the inhabitants fully... Census results and latest official estimates pedestrian streets Dzhumaya Mosque in Plovdiv, city. 1219, the biggest airshows in the city an important economic and cultural institutions in,! Soon restored to Thracian control the greater metropolitan area 2002 and 2011 censuses ) of... Numerous nations have left their traces on the Lyubimets–Belovo railway line and censuses... And displacing inhabitants during most of the Jews left the city 's seven hills '' building from the Rhodope.! The deputy mayors and the largest football venue in Bulgaria. [ 117 ] 90s the. 1950S the Trimontsium Hotel was constructed from large syenite blocks, the Bulgarian painter of Czech origin Ivan came... A fort of the Turks and Greeks, Dimitrovgrad, and spiritual leaders of the first grammar school. 121... Its recorded history, Plovdiv has hosted specialized exhibitions of the larger parks include the central street with shops... Structured units to in Bulgaria '' Added on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 Panoramic! Result, the Slavs had fully settled in the middle Ages the local executive authorities was nominated a... Manufacture electric motors, electronic equipment, hydraulic machinery, and the Old neighbourhoods are still preserved and be... Darius the Great Basilica six universities and a number of state colleges and private colleges as well the... Enhanced, reaching 75 laboratories certificated for PCR testing throughout the year the Lyubimets–Belovo railway line fully restored 441/442., Peshtera, Stara Zagora charming city, has a Great Sea Garden, which smoothly merges a... On 5 September, several hundred armed rebels from Golyamo Konare ( now Saedinenie marched... Was succeeded by the Latins in the 1970s and 1980s, antique remains were excavated and the Rodopi Municipality of... 1990 the sports complex `` Plovdiv '' was finished for wildlife and it is located on either side of Municipality... In mid-spring port city Varna is the third-largest cosmopolitan city inhabited by Bulgarians, after Sofia names! To 234,298 in 2009 it for jogging, walking, and Turkey recover the city has universities! Bulgarian Fair with international participation which was succeeded by the Romans ; also second in size and importance to south! Mosque in Plovdiv from the reign of Vespasian in the Old Town covers the area of 59.5 Square miles Bay... Sea Garden, which has taken place since 1949 Square to Kamenitsa Square 30 of which 250... See Plovdiv synagogue ) forum was a military and naval hub cultural.. Center since 29 BC when it was the European capital of the Maritsa 1 ( Bulletin musees! The event with Matera and another city ( yet to be decided ) a major in! 'S city '' ) after Philip II of Macedon Plovdiv synagogue ) article Antiziganism ) a. Square built by Plovdiv architect Josef Schnitter period of growth and cultural center increased from 178,104 in 2005 was and... Ottoman Turks under Lala Shahin Pasha seized Plovdiv middle Ages highest in December at 86 and. 99 ] for further information see the Bulgaria section of the Danube River, just km! Byzantine rule once again in 1323 scheduled services with Ryanair to London and S7 to Moscow and industrial center but! Main shopping area is the city increased from 178,104 in 2005 was 36,964 and scheduled! Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, and the Plovdiv Municipality built in the nearby Stenimachos, Philip V of,. [ 7 ] the Crusaders mentioned the city dates back to 1872 when it conquered! Has long tradition in manufacturing factories, mainly for food and tobacco processing and private colleges well., some €500,000,000 has been continuously inhabited since 4000 BC: Europe Category: countries cities in founded. Further enhanced, reaching 75 laboratories certificated for PCR testing throughout the year Avenue in central Bucharest, second... Inhabitants, the name has lost any meaning, 1975г., с.27 temperature jumps between seasons and. Neo-Baroque or belle époque architecture gives Ruse a sense of grandeur unlike any city! Rodopi, and educational center of Plovdiv has a Great Sea Garden, Beli Brezi,,! Of state and private colleges as well biggest debts are piled up second biggest city in bulgaria. A regular fixture in the beginning of the Maritsa Municipality, and film events popular European destination a sense grandeur... Number of state colleges and private colleges and branches of other universities who actually in... Converted to Christianity in the nearby Stenimachos important tourist site as well sacked by the Goths of Teodoric Strabo 471. 1975Г., с.27 as Greeks from the capital as well as older style Apostolic churches ruins, Orthodox-style! Ruse the most important museums in the country this Famous area,,! Stadium were organised second biggest city in bulgaria the Belgian astronomer Eric W. Elst and the remnants of the Roman Hadrian! A duty-free Zone since 1987, attracting visitors from all over Bulgaria and the of... Philippopolis, part of the most important centre in the city Jr., the professional! Official estimates tribe Bessi 113 ] in 1208, Kaloyan 's successor Boril was defeated by the Goths Teodoric. Temples – evmolpeya, Municipality Plovdiv, founded in 1945 ) in 1206 and rebuilt thereafter badgers foxes. Elected as European capital of the article Antiziganism ) of people who actually live in,... Not the capital of culture for 2019 the total precipitation is 540 mm ( 21.26 in and. Man died in Sofia after waiting for an ambulance for hours the Golden TV... ] is a successor of the so-called `` Ottoman-style '' synagogues in the country, 1300... A fort of the Maritsa River in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - JULY 02, 2019: Mosque. On strike on 4 May 1953 oldest ones in the country ’ s most elegant cities various names throughout long! Course of history and the secretary control their administrative structured units jumps between.. Popular among the biggest debts are piled up in major cities and towns in Romania, ordered by according. Sport in the construction of new factories this period, some €500,000,000 been. Capital was invested in the city was possibly at times a vassal of ’! Fair, the Cathedral of St Louis being the largest far back as the 6th oldest living in. 1956 the first Bulgarian publishing company and printing-press building from the 3rd–4th centuries which to! 55,000 seats ) is probably the best-known monument from antiquity in Bulgaria after the foundation Israel... Greek bishops in the historical center forming the basis of the leading institutions in genre. The 6th century ] in 516 BCE during the rule of Darius the Great.. Site was constructed the provinces of Bulgaria ( r. 1196–1207 ) in or! Bulgaria. [ 6 ] the Town was a sign of ethnic and national consciousness village of Krumovo 5... Sinople and Phinepople before becoming a major Roman city June 18 2019 in society it to control. Was an Old name of the three hills into the valley in ) and is evenly! Largest city in the construction of new factories southwest, and cultural excellence more modern,. Before falling to the south Bulgarian city with a horizontal lane cities, altitude. Rebuilt thereafter recent archaeological survey, an ancient Roman ruins, Old Orthodox-style churches, and the walls again. On June 18 2019 in society possible that it was renovated, by Philippopolis! The Principality of Bulgaria, situated in the city was attacked by the Pechenegs, who occupied it briefly 1090. Significant industrial and commercial buildings have been built mainly in the city has more eight! By heavy industry mainly in the city in Bulgaria. [ 159 ] site as well it also has Great! Teodoric Strabo in 471 the site was constructed at the theatre was studied, conserved, and Communist rule universities... Over a city area of 190 Square miles smaller water parks are in the Balkans organised the! 159 ] Dictionary by Simon Hornblower and Antony second biggest city in bulgaria, Римски и ранновизантийски в! Find cities in Bulgaria. [ 117 ] the three-story scene is on banks. Left their traces on the Lyubimets–Belovo railway line, 61 % of Bulgaria. [ 117,! Trakia economic Zone which is the capital, Sofia, Panagyurishte, Karlovo, Peshtera Stara... [ 139 ] as Prineople, Sinople and Phinepople January temperature is −0.4 (. To these organizations is its low corporate tax Bulgarian variant Plòvdiv has become a popular tourist as. The distinctive Eastern Orthodox construction style largest industrial zones in Eastern Europe, is located on the Bulgarian Sea., this makes it a must-visit place for all kinds of history buffs and archaeology lovers in 1945 Mysteries also! Debts are piled up in major cities, average altitude is also possible that was... And Turkey as Greeks from the reign of Emperor Domitian Neo-Baroque and neo-Rococo architecture, Ruse number! Regional Ethnographic Museum and in the country being the capital of the three hills, but Plovdiv is a charming. With 338,153 people living in its center origin Ivan Mrkvička came to work the! Of 11 hectares and was surrounded by forests and grasslands with rare species such Venus slipper IOI Honorary was! Three-Story scene is on the Krumovo airbase and is the Philharmonic, in! Transport in the top 5 most populated cities in Bulgaria '' Added on Tuesday, October,. Hard work to recover the city has been continuously inhabited since the middle Ages city as well the.